Event Management During COVID-19

With constantly changing restrictions and guidelines, the need for careful and safe event preparedness has reached all new levels. With vaccinations on the rise, we are able to start to gather again, but the COVID-19 variants require event planners and organizers to take extra caution to running events appropriately – taking into account the physical and emotional well-being of attendees.

We’re sharing a few tips we have been leaning on as  we start hosting events again, as we start to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, and how to pivot if guidelines change.

Check Alberta Health Services latest restrictions, then check again

Reference resources from your region’s provincial health services like guidance documents, festival and event planning guides and look to Alberta.ca for any current changes and recommendations regarding restrictions and guidelines in your area. Be sure to check weeks in advance, and again closer to your event date to allow time to prepare for modifications and communicate them as required.

Have a Plan B and Plan C

While it’s important to stay positive throughout the event planning process, having several plans allows for peace of mind. For example, during the thick of the pandemic last winter, one of our client events pivoted several times throughout the planning process, from an in-person event, to a distanced event, to a virtual event. When the restrictions are dependent on active case numbers and hospitalizations, it’s always smart to be ready to adjust if there’s an outbreak or resurgence.

Create a comfortable environment

While planning your event, be mindful that everyone’s level of comfort may be different. By creating an opportunity for physical distancing, your guests may feel more comfortable.

As part of your event flow, consider a one-way only event, drive-in style or outdoor event if possible. Having only one entrance and exit may reduce congestion and allow event organizers to manage group numbers, while allowing for appropriate distancing for attendees. Ensure you have the appropriate signage in place to help guide your guests along.

Implement sanitation protocols and offer masks

Lead by example by having all event organizers, volunteers and staff wear masks and offer sanitation stations at the entrance and exit to your event, as well as throughout the event. Make masks, face shields and other protective equipment available to your guests, remembering child sized masks too, if applicable. Consider implementing a health risk checklist for your team members to ensure everyone is feeling well on the day of the event.

Make food and drink safe for all

If your event includes food and drink, ensure all items to be served are individually wrapped reducing  the risk of cross-contamination. Closely follow health recommendations and food safety procedures at all times. Ensure the area for eating allows for social distancing, is well-ventilated and is outdoors if possible.

Worthington PR & Story upcoming events

There is much to look forward to in the months ahead! We welcome the return of safely planned events like Parks Foundation Calgary’s opening of Quinterra Legacy Garden and Flyover Park. With closely followed protocols and attention to event planning detail, we are thrilled to see the return of our upcoming Back-to-School events on August 21 and 22 at Country Hills Village Shopping Centre and West Hills Towne Centre. The outdoor, family-friendly events will include kids activities, food samples and giveaways!

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