Introducing Blake Marczuk – Communications Intern

Meet our summer communciations intern, Blake Marczuk! Blake is an emerging communications professional committed to making a meaningful impact through effective communication. Currently in his third year at Mount Royal University pursuing a major in public relations, Blake is channeling his academic insights into practical solutions for real-world challenges. We sat down with him to learn a bit more about his background and interests. Here’s what he had to say:

WPRS: How did you get your start in marketing / communications?

Blake: For five years, I worked at a golf course as a pro shop assistant. In this role, I was responsible for writing and publishing content on their social media platforms and the members-only app. Additionally, I created posters and other printed materials to promote sales and tournaments. This was my first intro to copywriting and written communication.

WPRS: What’s your favorite social media platform?

Blake: Like many people my age, I find myself endlessly scrolling on TikTok, falling into the most random rabbit holes. While TikTok definitely takes up a lot of my social media time, Instagram remains my preferred social media platform. It’s the perfect place to stay connected with friends, stay up to date on news, and follow my favorite brands and celebrities.

WPRS: What’s your favorite marketing quote?

Blake: “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” —Robert Collier

WPRS: What’s your best story?

Blake: In my eighth-grade science class, a friend and I decided to build a potato launcher for our final project. To our excitement and surprise, not only did it function, but it also launched potatoes 30 yards.

WPRS: What’s your passion outside of work?

Blake: Outside of work and school, I’m a huge cinema nerd. Whether it’s Marvel, Star Wars, timeless classics, or the latest releases, I love them all. Mention an actor or director, and chances are, I’m familiar with them and can talk at length about their work.

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