Why Paula Banned the ‘B’ Word

Some food for thought from our fearless leader, Paula Worthington, about why she banned the word ‘Busy’:

It’s been coming up a lot for me lately: the dreaded four-letter word that has become a catch-all for our programmed and scheduled lives. “How are you doing?”, I’ll ask. “Busy, just SO busy,” someone will say.

I no longer use the word, but I’m hearing it more than ever.

Many years ago, I read a New York Times article called “The ‘Busy’ Trap“, and it prompted me to immediately ban the word from my vocabulary. That simple action shifted my outlook on work, life and obligations for the better.

So many people are overwhelmed these days, or they feel like they’re steering a ship without a destination. I get it. The world isn’t easy. We aren’t always happy.

But when we choose a “busy” mindset, it can mean we are viewing the world as a place of having obligations being imposed upon us, versus feeling like we can choose how we get to direct our days.

While we may not have the freedom to do every daily task how and when we please, we can decide how we want to approach it.

Do I “have” to go buy groceries, or do I “get” to go pick out food to put on the table and fuel my body?

Do I “have” to write that press release, or do I “get” to help a client share their great story with the world?

Do I “have” to exercise today, or do I “get” to move my healthy and able body to build strength and resilience?

Perspective is everything. For me, it’s about choice and mindfulness about how I want to present myself to the world, which stems from a place of gratitude…no matter what the day throws at me.

How do you feel about the “b” word?



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