2024 Industry Ins and Outs from WPRS

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of PR and communications, our team believes it’s critical to stay ahead of the curve and serve as trusted advisors. Here’s what we think is “in” for 2024 and bid farewell to the strategies and tactics that we predict are “out” for our industry. 


PR “Ins” for 2024

Investment-Worthy Content

There is no shortage of bite-size, digestible content thanks to the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels. While quick-fix content has found its niche, we detect a growing desire for connection, authenticity and relationships with the brands we trust. Is your brand willing to share more? Your customers hope so. Think of it like how we invest in a friend or partner, where we learn about them beyond their job – like what fuels them, their dreams and makes them who they are. We sense a surge similar to the growth of podcasts and influencer communities for social media and other avenues of connection.

Responsible Use of AI:

AI has made a significant impact on the communications industry, revealing both its positive and negative aspects. Leveraging AI for streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and innovative ideation can undoubtedly be beneficial. However, it is paramount to prioritize transparency and ethical practices in its implementation. What professionals must not forget is the power of ensuring the human experience is integrated; which, in our opinion, is the epitome of what makes communications meaningful and valuable to audiences. 

To learn more about responsible use of AI, the Canadian Public Relations Society has created an Ethics Guide to Artifcial Intelligience in PR.

Long-Term Influencer Partnerships:

Influencer collaborations continue to play a crucial role in today’s PR landscape. As influencer partnerships have matured over time, we’ve found that revealing fragmented, one-off collaborations aren’t as effective as longer term partnerships. By carefully selecting an influencer whose values and audience represent your brand and extending partnerships to six months or even a year, we can better reach new audiences and build greater consumer trust. 


PR “Outs” for 2024

Mass Media Pitching:

We all know that today’s media reporters are flooded with hundreds of pitches, making it important for PR professionals to do their research and tailor pitches thoughtfully to ensure the story is timely, relevant and will support the journalists’ beats. One thing AI cannot replace is relationship building. Curating a specific list of journalists for each pitch based on your content will harness greater success than mass pitching to every reporter on your list.

Trading Product for Influencer Content:

Over the past few years, content creators have worked hard to prove their worth and establish themselves as a legitimate business. We’ve been saying this for a while, but our team believes free promotion from influencers in exchange for products is no longer a reasonable expectation in the majority of situations, and proper compensation should be standard in influencer partnerships. In 2024, influencers expect to be paid in the same way that advertisers do and we predict that they will be accepting these types of free collaborations much less frequently. That said, we know several influencers who are willing to support small businesses, charitable and community causes through their platforms, and we are eternally grateful for their support!

Volume Strategy on Social Media:

Social media is a powerful tool, with the opportunity to build a brand and reach diverse audiences but it is critical that as professionals, we are strategically posting with a purpose. For many, social media feeds have become flooded with promotional and stale content from brands who believe that frequency translates to success in the world of social media. Rather, we have found success in producing thoughtful content which is posted consistently to be our key to a strong social strategy.

Vanity Metrics from Influencer Content:

When it comes to evaluating the success of influencer campaigns, impressions and likes only scratch the surface. In 2024, we predict a shift away from the over-reliance on vanity metrics toward a deeper focus on meaningful analytics that provide more thoughtful insights into the overall success of a campaign. 

One metric our team has found to be useful is ‘cost per play,’ allowing us to compare the campaign’s cost to the overall reach of the specific content. When seeking insights, gather information that will be useful to your organization or client in terms of understanding and taking steps forward.


Interested in implementing the “ins” into your strategy? Reach out to our team to support your PR needs at paula@worthingtonpr.com.

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