Rachel Redmond- Executive Assistant and Account Coordinator

Meet the newest member of our growing team, Executive Assistant and Account Coordinator Rachel Redmond! A soon-to-be graduate from the public relations program at Mount Royal University, Rachel is a fantastic addition to our agency. Learn more about Rachel below!

WPRS: How did you get your start in marketing / communications?

Rachel: My passion for communications began at age 15 when I had the opportunity to take a Dale Carnegie Leadership summer camp. The course helped me to understand the science behind anticipating responses from communication methods, and I never looked back.

WPRS: Favourite social media platform?

Rachel: Instagram! I like to joke that my generation invented it. I appreciate how the platform is versatile, allowing for all kinds of content and how it is constantly evolving with the current social trends. I also find that my loved ones are most active on Instagram, and I really enjoy keeping up with their lives.

WPRS: What’s your favourite marketing quote?

Rachel: “Speak to your audience in their language about what’s in their heart.” — Jonathan Lister

WPRS: What’s your best story?

Rachel: All of my best stories are from spending summers with my sister and cousins at our grandparent’s house in Saskatchewan. Our full-time jobs were to have fun, and we often look back and laugh at all the silly memories we made. 

WPRS: What’s your passion outside of work?

Rachel: I have been playing instruments and singing my entire life and have always had a passion for music. In my free time, I also love to read books, watch true crime documentaries and most recently, rock climb!

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