Worthington PR & Story Celebrates Five Years

A special note from our president, Paula Worthington.

February 1 marks five years in business for Worthington PR & Story.

Based on some loose (Hi, Google) research, I discovered the number five symbolizes motivation, determination, adventure, courage, imagination and making positive choices. This couldn’t feel more right or true.

When I started Worthington PR & Story in early 2018, I was a solopreneur, with a dream of selecting amazing clients and helping them share their stories with the world. Five years later, a lot has changed!  It’s a privilege to be able to glance in the rearview mirror while keeping my eyes firmly planted on that little yellow arrow on the road ahead. 

We’ve covered a lot of ground within a short amount of time, and I’m grateful for every turn, hill and occasional bump of the ride. Our team has grown to serve a growing portfolio of wonderful clients, and this past year, we found a permanent home for our agency in Calgary’s Beltline district. 

Every day, we help our clients move forward, and we get to help celebrate their achievements each time they break a barrier or reach a goal. 

Every day, we know our work is meaningful, strategic, creative and impactful.

Every day, we know we’re making a difference while being surrounded by good people. 

And really, can you ask for much more than that? 

I am so grateful to everyone we have crossed paths with so far: teammates, clients, media, vendors, partners, fellow entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders, change makers, students and everyone in between – thank you for believing in our brand and in our work. 

It really does feel like we’re just getting started.  I can’t wait to see what’s around the next bend – Let’s roll.

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